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Here at Portland Family Dentist, we understand the stress and anxiety that may come from a trip to the dentist. Over half of the United States population say they feel some level of anxiety before a trip to the dentist. Our goal at Portland Family Dentist is to put a stop to that stress! We are proud to be a pain-free office, and will help you to stop dreading the dentist!

Are you one of the people who keeps finding excuses to put off that dental cleaning? If you are, you should re-think your stance on the dentist. Skipping your semi-annual cleaning will not only mean an unhealthy mouth or cavities. Studies show that poor oral hygiene can also lead to heart disease, stroke and infections. That's scary!

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Luckily for you, the anxiety associated with a dental cleaning can be put to rest. Here at Portland Family Dentist, we are proud to be a pain-free dentist. With new high-tech tools, pharmaceutical options and many dentist training programs, our team is ready and willing to make your visit simple and pain-free.

Our dentists are dentists you can trust. We understand all of our patients have individual needs and will work with you to provide care that works for you. With all of the new technology available, there really is no reason to fear the dentist! Call us today to schedule an appointment at our pain-free dentist office!

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